ABN Amro Retail Game serious game

ABN-AMRO retail game

ABN AMRO and our experts at IJsfontein developed various serious games together. How is organizational policy translated into concrete action in the work place? The games we have developed for ABN AMRO show how the core values are incorporated in actual practice. The Retailgame, in which bank employees experience the new procedure and learn how to control it, is one of them.

How it works

Players are behind a desk in a virtual office. It is busy and the line keeps getting longer and longer. Players have to make various decisions: do I help clients now, do I help them later, or do I refer them to a colleague? Players have to ask the right questions and pay attention to subtle hints of their clients. Sometimes the situations call for initiative, such as handing out water when the waiting times are too long.

Change management

Serious games help ABN AMRO to support changes. They offer all employees the same training at their own pace, to ensure that all clients receive the same treatment in all offices. Serious games are also a safe and secure environment to make mistakes in. In addition, it is easier to discuss the behaviour of employees in the game than their actual behaviour in the workplace.


Jesse Zuurmond in his research for Utrecht University and The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT):

“This game is a perfect example of how a game world, in which employees can learn relevant skills in a secure environment, can be utilized on a large scale. Customer friendliness cannot be randomly experimented with in physical banks.”


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