ACN Smart Gate Serious Game

ACN Smart Gate

In the Smartgate 1 and Smartgate 2 games, players are playfully involved in Schiphol Airport’s cargo supply chain, tasked with processing freight in accordance with all applicable procedures.

How it works

The objective of the game is to deliver freight from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible, while making money at the same time. Players must use the right channels and make efficient use of the resources at their disposal, while acting in accordance with customs’ and inspectors’ instructions and applicable regulations governing the transportation of dangerous goods.

Respect for regulations

While playing the game, players learn how the cargo supply chain system works and why applicable regulations and successful co-operation matter. If they ignore these components of the game, they will lose time and money further down the track. The game was designed to instil into players this kind of ‘chain awareness’ and respect for regulations and procedures.


Nearly all the intended department managers played the game, as well as quite a few others. Approximately 20 per cent of players were not among the original target group, but did work at one of Schiphol Airport’s cargo sites. Over 50 per cent of players played the game more than once (average: three times per person). The game had an unprecedented impact.


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