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Can You Fix It?

Soa AIDS Nederland and Rutgers Nisso commissioned our experts at IJsfontein to take care of the concept and development of the online serious game Can You Fix It. Young people between 12 and 18 years of age are often confronted with unacceptable and deviant behaviour. With this game they learn how to say ‘no’ in time.

How it works

Young people watch videos about situations that threaten to spiral out of control. Beforehand they chose for either the girl’s or boy’s perspective. You hear the thoughts of the main character and when young people think they have reached their limits, they click the Fix-It button. This influences the outcome of the video. A ‘Love coach’ helps with advice and tips.

different perspectives

It has become clear that situations get out of hand because of miscommunication, or because young people are afraid to say or ask things. This becomes very clear by watching the same video from a different perspective. The option to change perspective and hearing the thoughts of the main characters is an important mechanism that is used to convey the message. This causes teenagers to empathize with the character and that in turn raises comprehension.


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