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In collaboration with the Erasmus MC and the technical department of the University of Twente, our experts at IJsfontein developed the medical simulation game abcdeSIM.

In Short

Doctors have less and less time to educate students. Our serious game abcdeSIM teaches students to apply the ABCDE method without a doctor having to be present.

How it works

Players have 15 minutes to stabilize a virtual patient. The problem is, like in real life, unknown. To find out what the complications are, and which ones have to be treated first, the players have to follow the ABCDE method properly.

True-to-life simulation

The game offers a true-to-life simulation of the human blood circulation to be able to imitate complications. Players can use all aids and professionals available in an ER. And all without a doctor having the be present.The game has been developed in close collaboration with the medical consultants of Erasmus MC. The execution of the serious game is absolutely complex, while the underlying technique is extremely special. It is not a simulation in which the options clicked on by doctors is connected to ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ codes. To simulate the interaction between all processes well, we have built a true-to-life cardiovascular, respiratory and medication model into the game. The model for the blood circulation, for instance, simulates the pumping of the heart and uses the amount of blood to determine what the blood pressure is. Based on the measurement of the dose chosen by the user, the influence of the virtually administered medication on the well-being of the patient can also be determined to an exact level.


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