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Every organisation owns information that needs to be protected. If this information were to end up in the wrong hands, it could lead to large (economic) damage or dangerous situations. In today’s world, the risk of information security incidents – such as an attack by cyber criminals – is constantly increasing. Studies show that employees and management are often unaware of their ‘insecure’ behaviour. The CIO Platform Netherlands (the independent organisation of the people with final responsibility for digitalisation and/or ICT of large private and public organisations in the Netherlands) decided to do something about this. With input from nearly forty members and in collaboration with our experts at IJsfontein, CIO Platform Netherlands created a co-op turn-based game that makes employees aware of security risks.

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How it works

Elevator is a puzzle game that is not about learning rules. It is about discovering risks before an incident occurs. The player takes the role of a secret agent in the field of cyber and data security. The agent exposes the weaknesses of an organisation by cracking the security and reaching the elevator. To do this, the player must not only take advantage of the technical options, but he/she must also manipulate other people. Therefore, players always work in pairs. One of the players is good with computers and the other is socially inventive. Both require each other to complete the mission.

The conversation gets going

The aim of the game is to bring discussions about cyber security to the forefront and to alert and motivate employees to talk to each other about ‘insecure’ behaviour. Because you always play the game in pairs, the conversation naturally gets going. Even outside the game; by the coffee machine, for example. The game already proved to be successful during the test phase. There was more involvement with the subject and the conversation between employees came naturally. The organisations who already play the game can confirm this.


Whatever the quality of a game is, the ease of implementation determines its success. Therefore, implementation is an important topic from the start. Every organisation in which the game is introduced forms a ‘game action team’. This team is responsible for the implementation within their own organisation. The team can make use of a comprehensive communication kit, including a framework for a plan of action, posters and inspiring communication examples. In short: maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Would you like to participate?

At present, the game has been introduced (rolled out or in implementation phase) within nearly fifty organisations, including government, multinationals and Dutch companies. The reactions are unanimously positive; on average receiving scores of 8 out of 10 or higher.

“Elevator is the perfect way to alert employees to security issues without patronising them.”

“The coolest project I’ve ever worked on. I can’t wait until we go live and colleagues get to play it!”

The Elevator game is licensed in both English and Dutch. At present, there are three levels available, but in 2016 the game will be enhanced with new, topical levels so that it will remain relevant. Please contact us for more information



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