Shell Security Training multimediatour

Shell Security Training

Our experts at IJsfontein were asked by Shell to create four different 3D animated films to help Shell staff identify security risks.

how it workds

Two videos for various Shell departments were created: Offshore, Manufacturing, Marine, and Office and Road Safety. While watching the first video, which does not contain any prompts, staff are asked to identify all potential security risks. The second video is exactly the same, but this time potential security risks are identified by means of a red or green light, thus allowing staff to check whether they identified all the risks present in the scenario the first time round. Both videos were used as part of a Shell security seminar.


A testimonial from a user:
‘The materials with speaker notes were very useful in prepping us for the discussions and the videos were very professional and just the right length. We plan to use this common experience as a point of reference in follow-on safety engagements. Not only did the materials create a good learning event, but they will leave a lasting impression. Very concise. Very professional. Very well done!’
Dick Nijen Twilhaar, Shell Group Manager, HSSE&SP Strategic Systems


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