Touch van Gogh App

Touch van Gogh

The Van Gogh Museum has done extensive research into the realization of Van Gogh’s body of work. The museum wanted to make the outcome of this technical research accessible with a public-friendly app. Our experts at IJsfontein designed ‘Touch Van Gogh’ in close collaboration with the museum.

How it works

As a detective of sorts, the user can unravel Vincent van Gogh’s paintings at his/her own pace to find out more about the life and work of this famous artist. Among other things, the app shows what a painting looked like before a restoration, exactly where it was painted, which paints discoloured and even the composition of the painting. This information can be accessed by means of various tools. Layers of paint can be rubbed off, timelines can be changed and details of the painting can be zoomed into for a closer look. Painting can also be ‘turned around’ as it were, to study the back.

Intensifying the museum visit

The app makes new insights into the way Vincent van Gogh worked very accessible and visible, but it also intensifies the museum experience as a whole. At home, the museum visitor can examine details more closely. It also works the other way around, exploring the app at home inspires and motivates you to go and see the physical object for yourself.


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