VEVA the battle interactive installation

VEVA the battle

The Dutch Ministry of Defence asked our experts at IJsfontein to help promote VeVa, the military preparatory secondary vocational education program. VeVa The Battle is a mobile interactive experience built in a truck. Two players compete against each other in this game.

How it works

Two players compete against each other in this competitive game. Students ‘run’ on a virtual training course with weighted backpacks. The special pressure sensitive floor tiles ensure that the player can continue to run forwards and is able to change tracks. The built in knowledge test confronts the player with a series of questions during the race. This provides the students with an idea of the professional fields in the military. The player who completes the training course the quickest and answers the highest number of questions correctly wins the race.


Visitors are attracted by the screens attached to the sides of the truck. These screens show a live image of the players. You are not watching over their shoulders, but you can see their faces. This provides great images of the players’ efforts to complete the training course.


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